Our Approach to Holistic Wellness

To help you look, feel, and be your best self, we believe in a proactive, whole health-based approach employing top providers, technologies, and cutting-edge diagnostics. Our expertise, comprehension, and commitment to this strategy enable us to succeed where others frequently fail. 

Mission Statement 

“To offer the best clinical care to provide hope, healing, and completeness.” 

Our Vision 

To be the go-to provider for patients with psychiatric/mental illness spectrum and addictive behaviors for high-quality psychiatric care and addiction treatment. 


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Let's accept Mental Illness as a medical condition, not a social stigma. To ensure the well-being of your mental health, schedule a consultation with Supreme Mental Health Care.

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A few of many satisfied clients

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Rated 5 out of 5
November 11, 2022

“I had two addictions, both of which have been diagnosed, and I have been sober for a few years. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve gone through the wringer concerning mental health therapy. Supreme Mental Health Care is a relatively new but essential component of my rehabilitation from addiction, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. They are the best psychiatrist I’ve ever seen, and their standard of care goes above and beyond the usual.”

Kristine Obrien

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Rated 5 out of 5
November 11, 2022

“I genuinely loved our sessions; Supreme Mental Health Care spent the time to hear what I had to say, to inquire more, and to change my medicine as necessary. They took me off from a situation and looked for a better solution.”

Erika Quinn

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Rated 5 out of 5
November 11, 2022

“I’ve been going to Supreme Mental Health Care for a while, and they are the best! Smart, empathetic, and well worth the money. My medication required some initial trial and error, but I persisted in working with them, and now we have a treatment plan that is quite effective for me. Relief is invaluable and well worth the wait. Be patient, follow the doctor’s advice, and have faith in the process.”

Annie Lane

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